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A business plan is a vital document for any business. It conveys business goals, reasons they are achievable, and plans for how they will be accomplished.

Business plans are considered decision-making tools. The decision from a future investor will be dependent on a robust business plan. As the old saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail.

The content and format of a business plan are unique to each case. That is why we never use a template system. They depend on factors such as the goals and audience.

Writing a business plan draws on a broad range of knowledge from many different business areas such as finance, H.R. management, intellectual property management, supply chain management, operations management, and marketing, among others.

Are you thinking about starting a business?

Do you already run a business?

Is your company struggling in the marketplace?

A business plan should be used by all businesses, whether it is a start-up or a business that has been operating for many years, and it is just as important for a sole trader as it is for a multinational company.

Many people underestimate how important a well-written business plan is. Not just at the start of a company, but throughout. This plan should be used as a blueprint for your commercial success.

SJP Services recommend businesses conduct a major review of the whole business plan at least once a year and make necessary changes.

Writing an investor-grade business plan is no easy task and can be very time-consuming, even for those who have done it before. In today’s business world, a typical entrepreneur is already very busy focusing on other essential tasks, such as building and maintaining a customer base, perfecting product and services, or recruiting key management.

This is where we can help.

SJP Services business planning services include:

Executive Summaries: The first thing most potential investors want to see is a powerful one or two-page executive summary. The primary goal of an executive summary is to generate enough interest for the investors to ask for a full business plan or pitch deck.

Creating a gripping executive summary can be as challenging as developing a complete business plan from scratch. Don’t forget that this is your one chance to make a great first impression. Failure to impress in this section will guarantee the investor will not read any further. So, let us help you get it right.

Business Plan Development: We tailor our business plan preparation services to suit your situation and your budget:

Full-Service Planning: We will help you optimize your strategy, research and analyze your market, competitive position in your marketplace, and create an exceptional business plan that is clear, compelling and articulate your opportunity. SJP Services do not use business plan templates – we research and develop all of our plans from the start to ensure we tell your unique story in the most compelling way possible. Why waste hundreds of hours that you can better spend on other priorities?

Limited Service Planning: A business plan is a very serious issue, and we recommend you invest now for your future success, but, if you are on a more restricted budget and have the time to conduct a substantial amount of the research and writing, using this service we can guide and prioritize your efforts; supply documents with the specific layouts and other helpful materials; and critique, edit, and format your drafts.

Pitch Decks: This is very common these days, many equity investors would rather see a stand-alone pitch deck than a full narrative business plan. A pitch deck should always be clean, crisp, and tell just the right story, restricting it to a brief presentation, for example on a power point presentation, without going into too much detail. A pitch deck must be backed up by thorough research, analysis, and strategy.

Business Plan Review: If you have already written your business plan, we can provide an impartial, third-party critique prior to you sending it to investors. Also if your business plan has not been updated recently, we can assess and make all the necessary updates for you. Remember, it is recommended that a business plan is updated at least once a year.

Business Plan Seminar: Business plan writing is a complex area, and if you want your in-house team to comprehend the do’s and don’ts of business plan writing, budgeting, or any of the many other startup-related topics, we offer seminars that can be delivered in your offices. Industry-specific and created uniquely for your companies requirements.

Presentation Design: Clean, clear, and all round visually pleasing presentations are crucial, whether you are seeking capital, partners, customers, or employees. We’ll help you create a crisp presentation and coach you on how to deliver it in an engaging manner. Having a plan on paper is one thing, delivering the plan in an engaging way using the correct open body language is another.

Entrepreneur Coaching & Tactical Guidance: There are so many questions that weigh down entrepreneurs. Such as, At what point do you need to consult attorneys and accountants, and which ones should you choose? How should you organize your company? Where should you incorporate? What should your capital structure be? When do you need to consult attorneys and accountants, and which ones? Can you patent your ideas?

There is a long, and sometimes it feels like a never ending list of questions facing startups and emerging growth ventures, this can be overwhelming; our seasoned entrepreneurs will help you sort it all out. We are here to offer you support when you need it.

It is irrelevant whether you are a startup business, mid-sized organization, non-profit organization or a multinational company, you will receive a bespoke business plan targeted to the recipient in their specific industry language.

Our business writing experts understand how to grab and keep the attention of prospective lenders and investors and communicate with them to attain the best results.

At SJP Services, we take pride in our work, and our reputation means the world to us, because of this we only write business plans that we believe are likely to produce the desired outcome. We will not proceed with the client’s order or accept any money if we can’t stand behind your plan.

During our time working with you, we will remain in contact throughout; we will ask the most insightful questions to determine how to present your fantastic offer best.

Writing an investor-grade business plan is no easy task, and can be time-consuming, even for those who have done it before. If you are an entrepreneur, your attention would be best focused elsewhere such as building your customer base, perfecting your product or service, or recruiting key management.

Take the next step. Contact us today to discuss your bespoke business plan.