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Résumé writing service from SJP Services

SJP Services specializes in creative and original résumés and cover letters written with perfection and professionalism. We cater for all professional levels from interns to executives.

We know what employers want and how to prevent your résumé from landing in the trash folder. From original style and language to industry-specific keywords our team has the skills to ensure your résumé stands out from the competition.

Résumé and cover letter service from SJP Services

No one wants to be a template, so we will never fit your résumé to prearranged structures. Instead, we offer a fully bespoke service, reworking your material in order to tailor your application to specific jobs. We can rewrite your experience to achieve maximum impact and can also make the layout consistent and compact, ensuring that you’re well represented on paper.

Your résumé needs to be matched by a great covering letter which brings out your strengths and demands a potential employer’s attention. Like the résumé service, the covering letter service is tailored to every individual application, and the expression, presentation, and structure will all be carefully honed. Our standard covering letter service includes proofreading, light editing, and feedback, but more extensive services can also be provided if needed.

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Can’t get a job without experience, can’t get experience without a job. We hear this a lot.

If you are just starting your career, it ‘s hard to put an attention-getting résumé together. Most employers want to see some demonstrated expertise in potential new employees, and this can be a problem. As an entry-level applicant, the odds are stacked against you because of your limited professional experience. That’s where we can be of assistance; our writers can help you capitalize on the experience you do have. Using the information you provide on volunteer work, coursework, and relevant skills developed at any previously held positions, your writer will construct your new résumé that will create a lasting impression.


A professional résumé that focuses on your skills, credentials, and abilities relevant to the next step in your career ladder is necessary to attract prospective employers. A résumé is one of the most vital tools in your job search. A professional and well-crafted résumé attracts the attention of a potential employer by informing them that you meet the requirements for their available position. A poorly-constructed résumé or one that doesn’t place the proper focus on your abilities or your suitability to the desired position can very quickly disqualify you. Nevertheless, it can prove difficult to put a good résumé together. SJP Services can solve this issue, with a copy of your current résumé and communication with us, our writers can help construct you a résumé that’s perfect for you.


As an executive, you have held a position of high responsibility and carried out the essential functions of the company/institution where you previously worked. Presenting your abilities in a way that will properly attract an employer and show that you are a good fit can be tough. The writer entrusted with your résumé will craft the necessary approach for the organizations you wish to target. On completion, your résumé will present your credentials, accomplishments, and expertise in your field in the best possible light to land you an invite to an interview.


So………You’ve decided to switch careers and start a new profession. The problem is your current résumé is designed for your old career. Of course, an employer would prefer or sometimes requires applicants to have training and background experience in your new career field. Just like an entry-level applicant, the odds are stacked against you, and you are at a disadvantage unless you redesign your résumé to suit your new field. Here is where we can help. Our experienced writers will analyze your current résumé and discover the relevant skills, knowledge, and abilities acquired from your previous positions. On completion, your new résumé will help open the door to new opportunities in your chosen field.

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Is your cover letter a true compliment to your résumé?

A cover letter is frequently the first thing a potential employer sees, therefore, it holds the power of the first impression. The main aim of the cover letter is to explain the purpose of the mailing to the recipient. This process conveys a powerful and concise message about the person who sent the mailing.

A well-written cover letter is essential and complementary to your résumé. Each time you send your résumé to an organization, it must have a cover letter specifically adapted for that position and company. This gives the employer a favorable and lasting impression of you. When your potential employer reads it first, it must convince them that your résumé is worth taking the time to read. Otherwise, your cover letter and résumé might end up going straight in the trash.

How can SJP Services help you?

Our experienced writers understand that this document must be written professionally and with individuality in mind. We have the know how to make it attractive to the potential employer. Showing the employer that you are the best candidate for that particular position is easy when you choose SJP Services to write your cover letter.

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