Target Identification

Select your ideal niche or segment.

Not sure what your niche is? This must be clearly defined before going to market.

With our help, you can focus in on the ideal target for your product or service. 

Sales & Lead Generation Support

Working together with you, we can produce a very targeted contact lists for your sales and marketing. Using our knowledge of your business, relevant databases and recent news articles, a research will be carried out to identify relevant companies and find the right people within them for you to communicate with.

We will show you how to open direct lines of communication with prospective clients and start building rapport .

We can manage the communications process for you once we have initially identified our appropriate targets. This include sending brochures, letters, e-mails & case studies etc. We do follow ups with our clients using phone calls or warming up the relevant leads.

Tailored to you.

Depending on the stage of your business you should take a different approach to business development, using the different means in the market to further boost your sales and client’s base.