Proofreader and Editor in Bangkok

Proofreader and Editor in Bangkok

SJP Services would be happy to help you with your English writing

Presenting your work in a professional manner is required in any academic or business setting. The days of doing your best and wishing for great results have passed. Outstanding writing skills are required to display your authority in a particular area resulting in you being held in high regards by your peers. 

How do you achieve such a high standard of writing you might ask, with the help of Bangkok’s premier writing, proofreading, and editing service provider. 

We cover both academic and business writing services from short emails and contracts to novels and dissertations. We always provide high-quality work within the agreed time period, whether that be a standard delivery or a fast track order. 

We are here to help you and work within your deadlines, whatever they may be. We are able to provide certain fast-track services for small documents to be completed within a few hours and some large jobs within a few days. To learn more contact us here.

You write it - we edit it, or, If you don’t want to write it - let us do it.

We pride ourselves on being the premier service provider for the Bangkok area. We can write and edit just about anything. We provide academic assistance such as;

We have assisted many students from Ramkhamhaeng University, Assumption University (ABAC), King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL), Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok University, National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA), Kasem Bundit University, and Thammasat University to name a few. 

We provide the following business services;

We also provide a dynamic Resume writing service. This is aimed at all levels from entry positions to executive, as well as career change resumes. We pride ourselves on creating resumes that will stand out from the crowd and highlight all of your assets. Find out more here. 

We take on both large and small jobs and are always happy to help. Whatever your requirements may be, please contact us to discuss how we can assist you.

We check and correct the following :






        Word spacing and line spacing

        ‘widows’ and ‘orphans’

        font style and size

        contents page and list of illustrations

        tables, diagrams, figures, captions

        page numbers, headers, footers

        numbered lists

        heading consistency

        internal consistency and referencing

        footnotes, references, cross-references

        contacts, addresses, telephone numbers

        preliminary pages and end matter

        anything else requested

Our Writers

We work with only native English speaking writers from the UK and USA. All our writers are from a professional background such as University lecturers, teachers, and engineers. You can be assured of top quality work by high-quality professionals. 

Conact us for a free consultation (free of charge - no baht required).

If you’d like to find out how we could assist you with your work, please contact us today to discuss your paper. 

How to contact us, it’s simple, SJP Services make it easy to get in touch, please visit our contact page here. You can email, call, or send a message on Line or WhatsApp.