Tips for Writing Better Business Emails

Tips for Writing Better Business Emails

Writing emails is inevitable in many business situations. Having worked in the business world for nearly 20 years, I have noticed many similar mistakes. So let’s look at the main areas to consider when writing a business email. 

Keep it Formal

When writing in the business world, you must always remember the environment you are in, so keep your emails formal. Even if you are close to the receiver, as your email is business related its better and more professional to ear on the side of caution. 

Keep it short

In life and work, we are all busy. People do not have time to read long and complex emails. Length does not add value, content (or context) and meaning does. So, if you can say it in 300 words, don’t expand to 1300 word. 

Keep it simple

Again, time is of the essence in the business world; people don’t want to be reaching for a thesaurus to figure out what you mean. Keep your emails simple. There is a big difference between professional and complex. 

Keep it correct

I recommend one or more of four things before you send an email. 

1. Use spellcheck; this is built into Microsoft Word

2. Use Grammarly, which is an online grammar checking, spell checking, and plagiarism detection platform.

3. Use a human proofreading service.

4. Have a colleague check it before you send it. 

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